The Bone Room

How have I missed The Bone Room? I was looking at the latest post on one of the more delightful blogs I follow, Curious Expeditions, and lo and behold, it was enthusing about a store on Solano Avenue. Curious Expeditions describes it as “electrifying”. Here’s The Bone Room’s own description:

The Bone Room is a store in Berkeley specializing in natural history items. We’re the place to come to for real bones, genuine fossils, quality bone and fossil replicas, exotic insects, and all manner of weird and wonderful things. Visiting us is like a trip to a mini-museum. We are a source for teachers, artists, illustrators, collectors and imaginative gift buyers; it’s “the best store on earth,” according to an ardent twelve-year-old customer.

The store at 1569 Solano was founded by Ron Cauble, who also founded the East Bay Vivarium. The Bone Room is open 11 to 6, Tuesdays through Saturday.

Photo from Flickr by Curious Expeditions

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