On Wednesday, Gray Brechin will give a talk entitled “A New Deal for the East Bay: Excavating the Buried Civilization of the Great Depression” in which the historical geographer will look at how New Deal public work agencies put thousands of men and women to work to transform Berkeley and its sister cities within less than a decade.

Doubtless many of the initiatives will provide inspiration for present-day policy not least because we continue to benefit today from many of the schools, parks and vital infrastructure that were put in place then. The John Hinkel Park amphitheater (pictured above) was one of the many New Deal projects in Berkeley.

Dr Brechin is a visiting scholar at UC Berkeley’s Department of Geography and founder of  California’s Living New Deal Project.

The talk, which takes place at the Hillside Club at 7.30pm, is part of the Berkeley Architectural Heritage Association (BAHA) Fall Lecture Series.

Full details can be found here.

[Photo: livingnewdeal.berkeley.edu]


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