Summer Kitchen

Way back in June when I tried to assess the temperature of the recession in the Elmwood, one of the signs of spring was work on a long-empty storefront to create Summer Kitchen Bake Shop. The wait is nearly over. Summer Kitchen has had two days of shakedown and staff training and is set to open tomorrow at 2944 College Avenue.

Owner Charlene Reis let me sample some of their baked goods which were excellent. But the strength of Summer Kitchen should be its lunch and dinnertime take-away offerings. The Elmwood has a lot of restaurant choices, but I can testify that if you just want somewhere that makes a good sandwich at lunchtime the choices are thin. There’s a real market opening for Summer Kitchen.

Here’s what Summer Kitchen says for itself:

Our chefs cook what’s in season and know what’s best from the farms, fisheries, cheese makers, and ranchers we support. We create our menu with a dedication to sustainability. We believe food should be good, clean and fair. All of our packaging is recyclable, compostable or reusable.

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