Flu shots

For anyone who has had a hard time obtaining H1N1 flu vaccine for their children, help may be at hand through the Berkeley schools (hat tip: Catherine). Here’s the latest update from the Berkeley Unified School District:

The H1N1 vaccine has been arriving more slowly and in smaller quantities than health officials anticipated, and they are apprehensive that the City of Berkeley Department of Public Health may not have adequate vaccine to hold clinics in all of Berkeley’s schools the week of Nov. 16. They will continue planning for vaccine clinics in all of the elementary schools that week, but to delay the middle school and high school clinics until the week after the Thanksgiving holidays.  Public Health staff who are working with principals will be working on these details.

Vaccine delivery throughout California has been uneven to date, with some health jurisdictions receiving substantial supplies, and others receiving little or none—without any apparent reason or explanation.  Berkeley has still received only one very small shipment. Fortunately, Kaiser has received significant supplies, and Alameda County has received vaccine as well.  So there are options available to students and staff who are in the priority vaccine groups.

The BUSD has prepared a helpful four-page packet about H1N1 vaccines.

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