House of Music
House of Music in Fez. Elijah's plans for the Berkeley Music House are slightly different

The other day we recounted an anecdote where someone had been overheard saying they only read two news sources — The New York Times and, ahem, Berkeleyside. I was slightly skeptical, but one of the participants in that conversation has written in both confirming the details and making an open proposal to fellow Berkeleyites.

I’ll let Elijah Chancey make his own pitch:

Obsessed with music? Still raving on and on to your friends about the show you saw at the festival? Crazy about such and such band? Have you fallen in love with a new chord progression and you can’t get it out of your head? Then you’re probably one of us!

Who is us? Well, that’s up for us to decide! We don’t yet exist and we need to find the right people and the right house to turn into a home. Imagine coming home from a busy day, unwinding with a cup of tea/wine/beer, a guitar/piano/harmonica/viola/accordion/whatever and the company of like minded housemates. We’ll all be thoughtful, positive, friendly and curious folks who feel at home together. We’re responsible, pay rent on time, generally drama free and all pitch in for household chores. Our home will be a relaxed place that is shoe and cigarette free. We all have our own lives and friends, but want to come home to a place that feels cozy, comfortable and loving. Depending on the size of the house we’ll probably be anywhere from 4 – 7 people, boys and girls. We’ll host get togethers for our wide circles of friends (who will surely merge into a venn color diagram!) and have a downright amazing time! Wine & Chocolate parties, Chai & Curry parties, Disney screenings (because seriously, who wouldn’t want to watch Aladdin with a bunch of friends at this age?), Leonard Cohen singalongs (come on! you know you want to!) and anything else we can imagine!

If you’re interested, Elijah has set up a Berkeley Music House Google Group. Join the group and leave a message, or post a comment right here on Berkeleyside.

Photo by Gret@Lorenz on Flickr

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