There are three notable items on tonight’s city council agenda.

The Community Environmental Advisory Commission is seeking a declaration that balloons “pose environmental and other physical hazards when released into the environment”. That sounds like a stereotypical, laughable Berkeley initiative, but if you read the report to the council, you’ll probably change your mind. Balloons that fall back to the earth’s surface — between 5 and 10 per cent of the total — can be hazards to both sea life and birds. Berkeley’s position on the Bay makes the danger particularly acute. The proposal doesn’t call for a ban on balloons, but seeks to make the public aware of the potential hazard. Sounds like a good idea.

The San Francisco Water Emergency Transit Authority is back in front of the council seeking approval for the proposed ferry terminal. WETA wants a green light, but the council is also considering waiting for the final environmental impact report before making a decision. Opponents of the ferry terminal reckon it will be a monumental waste of money.

Finally, there’s a rather unusual amendment proposed to the city’s noise ordinance. The idea is to allow more noise, permit allowing, for music venues and festivals.

As always, the council meeting will be streamed live.

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