Quick, let’s all move to Walnut Creek 94597. For there, the average life expectancy is 87.4. In Berkeley the average for the city as a whole is 81.6 — and breaking it down by zips you’re “best off” in Berkeley/Kensington 94708 where it’s 85.54 and “worst off” in north-west Berkeley 94710 where it’s 76.45.

All these figures come courtesy of the Contra Costa Times which calculated life expectancy and health issues based on people’s zip codes and data compiled by the Alameda County Public Health Department.

The survey also looks at cancer death rates (highest in 94710), childhood asthma hospital rates (94702 in the south-west part of the city) and heart disease death rate (also 94702).

See the morbidly fascinating report here.

[Hat tip: NYT Bay Area Blog]

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