Berkeley author Leslie Larson will read from her novel, Breaking Out of Bedlam on the evening of January 28 at Mrs Dalloway’s bookstore on College Avenue.

Here’s a taste:

Cora Sledge is horrified when her children, who doubt her ability to take care of herself, plot to remove her from her home. So what if her house is a shambles? Who cares when she last changed her clothes? If an 82-year-old widow wants to live on junk food, pills, and cigarettes, hasn’t she earned the right? When her kids force her into The Palisades, an assisted living facility, Cora takes to her bed, planning to die as soon as possible. But life isn’t finished with her yet, not by a long shot.

Leslie Larson is the author of the novel Slipstream, which won the Astraea Award for Fiction. Full details at Mrs Dalloway’s.

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