It caused shockwaves yesterday in the Twittersphere — Honey the goat who lives at Tilden Little Farm (left) had been stolen.

As the Berkeley Voice reported yesterday, the 16-year-old Swiss Alpine milking goat was nabbed from her pen in the Berkeley hills Thursday night.

“I hope that whoever took her had good intentions and brought her to a better place, although I can’t imagine a better place than this,” naturalist James Wilson told the Voice.

Honey is the farm’s oldest inhabitant. We trust that anyone with information leading to her safe return will contact the East Bay Regional Park District Police on 510-881-1833. And if you need help identifying Honey, here’s the “official” description — from Wilson who clearly knows her well:

“She’s a typical sweet old goat with a cute crooked smile. And her ears always hang to the sides rather than up and down.”

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