Sylvan Mishima Brackett, the owner of Peko-Peko Japanese Catering and formerly Alice Waters’ right-hand man, will host a pop-up izakaya this Monday, January 18, from 5.30pm at the Guerilla Cafe in North Berkeley (hat-tip: SFoodie).

SFoodie reports:

With its shoebox size and wraparound counter, Guerrilla Cafe should be the perfect place to recreate that crowded, Sapporo’d-up izakaya feel. However, the small room also means that the dinners sell out fast. Brackett says that he is no longer taking reservations but is leaving half the seats open for walk-ins ― and at his first pop-up izakaya, in early October, 125 diners circulated through the 25-seat cafe.

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[Photo: SFoodie]

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