Markos Moulitsas
Markos Moulitsas

Daily Kos founder and Berkeley resident Markos Moulitsas has just signed a deal for a provocative new book that will compare the Republican Party to the Taliban.

PoliPoint Press of Sausalito bought the book, which will be called American Taliban. It “will compare the ideologies between the Republican Party and Islamic radicals, ultimately arguing: “Progressives hate radical Jihadists for the same reason they hate conservatives — intolerance, militarism, disrespect for democracy, and a desire to impose their regressive mores on the rest of society,” according to the publishing blog Galley Cat.

The book will be published in September.

Interestingly, in 2006, Moulitsas criticized PoliPoint Press, calling it a “den of thieves”.  Moulistas accused the company of publishing a book based on a website,, that was a creation of Daily Kos contributors. He asked progressives to boycott the progressive publisher.

Guess they worked all of that out.

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