We have reported before on the images that spring up on the side of buildings or on walls. The abandoned photo processing shack on the corner of Ashby and Telegraph seems to be  particular draw for street artists — or should that be in the singular?


First came Jesse Hazelip‘s buffalo-airplane — which is looking worse for wear these days (see far left). Then the gentleman with his pulled-up T-shirt popped up (since sadly defaced).

Last week saw a new character on the building’s facade (above).

We’re quite partial to these monochromatic works. At the very least, the changing exhibition keeps us interested while we wait for the lights to change.

Update: Reader Michael R. points out that the defaced image originally published with this post is offensive in that it depicts a “negative gay epithet”. He is, of course, right and, while I said I liked the original images, I obviously do not approve of the addition of the graffito so have decided to replace the image with the original, untarnished one.

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