If you’re in the mood for some Friday distraction (and who isn’t), watch this amusing set-up from a group of UC Berkeley students who are forming a Bollywood dance group called, perhaps, Zahanat. This is their teaser video in which they recruit their budding dancers.

I can’t wait to see the troupe in action.

Update: I don’t have to wait long to see Zahanat in action. Team member Vivek Maheshwari got in touch to say the all-male fusion dance team is performing as an exhibition act at Bollywood Berkeley, the largest intercollegiate Hindi Film Dance competition in the US, which takes place tomorrow night at Zellerbach Hall. Click here for information.

Update 2: As reader Deirdre points out, as of early Saturday this event is sold out. Deirdre is “beyond crushed” and that goes for me too. I was really looking forward to this Hindi film dance bash. Anyone got any extra tickets out there? And Deidre’s advice for 2011? “Next year choose the Oakland Coliseum. Got it?”

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