Captain Mike of Hudson Fish provided some valuable background on local fisheries when I speculated about a fish CSA for Berkeley. Last Saturday morning I dropped by the Hudson Fish stall at the downtown farmers market to chat with them and check out their catch of the day.

Hudson Fish has been coming to the Berkeley farmers markets for several years now and has a loyal clientele. Their fish comes either from their own operations or other local fishing boats. On Saturday when I stopped by they had cooked crab both in the shell and as crabmeat, shrimp, sole, black cod, and smoked albacore tuna.  (The crabmeat and shrimp were delicious, and it was nice to know that the producers got a much bigger cut of the purchase price than if I’d bought the equivalents at, say, Andronico’s.)

Hudson Fish is at the north Berkeley market on Thursday afternoons, at the downtown Berkeley market and the El Cerrito Plaza market on Saturday mornings, and at the Kensington market on Sunday mornings. You can also sign up for their e-mail list, by e-mailing, to get weekly alerts about what’s available.

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