Berkeley pier (above): once led to ferry, now to fish [SF Chronicle]
Berkeley hit and run driver injures one, destroys two cars [Berkeley Voice]
Lawrence Berkeley Lab to build new research facility with $18m grant [SF Biz Times]
Credit card skimming scam suspected in Berkeley [SF Chronicle]
Berkeley climber tells of stranded partner on Mount Shasta [Oakland Tribune]

Photo of Berkeley pier by Paula Steele/Flickr creative commons.

Update 20.07: Reader Jenny Wenk adds this interesting footnote to the Chronicle’s Berkeley pier story: The S. F. Chronicle article on the Berkeley pier neglects an important bit of history. in 1960 or 1961 a fire started at the far end of the pier. My husband, who was night Harbor Master, and a friend of his with Model A pick up helped the Berkeley Fire Department get hoses, axes and other equipment out to the fire. Obviously driving several ton fire engines out the pier wasn’t a good idea since the fire was jumping from spot to spot. This explains the current state of the remains of the pier and why people can take their sail boats through some of the gaps. If they know the waters well.

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