Bill Gates will be speaking to students at UC Berkeley on April 19 — and already there are rumblings in the student body about the chances of snagging a ticket to see the big man.

When former President Bill Clinton visited the campus on February 24, tickets sold out almost immediately. This time there will be a lottery for tickets rather than a first-come-first-serve system. It didn’t help that a webcast of Clinton’s talk could only be made available to 2,000 concurrent viewers. Oddly, the same holds true for Gates’ presentation. One would assume such a bastion of high-tech know-how would be able to rustle up something a little more sophisticated.

Gates’ theme is giving, specifically “Giving Back: The Best Way to Make a Difference”. Given that cash-strapped Cal students have little in the way of funds to give back right now, we hope one of the world’s richest men will focus on non-financial means to reach out and create change.

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