The Oakland Tribune recently reported that Berkeley’s Medical Cannabis Commission is proposing new rules that would allow the three existing marijuana dispensaries to expand non-retail operations and that would allow “groups of patients to grow marijuana or bake marijuana goods collectively at residences or in commercial spaces and to supply the city’s three dispensaries”. The commission hopes to put the proposals before the City Council at its April 27 meeting.

The Tribune’s article points out that the proposed expansion would come at a time when other Bay Area communities are increasing restrictions on medical marijuana dispensaries.

A Berkeleyside reader comments:

It strikes me as extremely problematic since theft of marijuana plants and violent, armed takeover type robberies are sometimes associated with pot gardens and indoor growing operations. It would appear, under this proposal, that practically anyone could convert their house garden to a pot plantation for commercial purposes or start an indoor grow lab which can pose significant fire hazard risks.

This type of activity multiplying throughout the neighborhoods is an invitation to violent, armed thugs from other neighboring cities to “raid” private houses they catch wind of as depositories. We recently witnessed right in front of our home a routine traffic stop which then escalated to a car search which uncovered a large jar stuffed with marijuana buds and also a very large caliber hand gun which was also concealed in the vehicle.

What do other Berkeleyside readers think?

Photo of grow room at Oaksterdam by Ryan Van Lenning from Flickr

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