Alice Waters appeared on Real Time with Bill Maher on Friday to promote her new book, In the Green Kitchen. She presented Maher with a basket of fresh produce, including lemons picked from Berkeley’s Edible Schoolyard. She talked about slow food and how it doesn’t necessarily mean slow-cooked food. “I could have a slow-food hot dog if I cared where the meat came for the hot dog, where the bun came from, where the ketchup came from, where the mustard came from, where the onions came from.”

Other highlights from the interview: Alice was originally afraid to be in the kitchen, some naked hippies once streaked through Chez Panisse, and she once tried to steer Bill Clinton away from some blackberry ice cream because she thought he should be eating a peach instead.

Watch Part 1 above and Part 2 below.

[Via: Grub Street San Francisco]

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