Berkeley Unified School District Superintendent Bill Huyett (right) has detailed the selection process he favors for the new Berkeley High principal to replace retiring Jim Slemp in the packet for Wednesday’s board meeting.

Two distinct selection panels are planned:

Human Resources is recommending that the District have two panels for the interview process; a community panel and a technical panel. The technical panel will be made up of administration, certificated and classified staff. Its role is to assess specific administrative skills. The community panel will assess skills related to community and interpersonal relations.

Huyett notes that Berkeley’s tradition of active community involvement makes designing the process challenging: “Because Berkeley has so many active parents and community groups, it may be difficult to limit the number of people serving on the interview panel. ” The BUSD staff is suggesting to the board that the community panel not exceed 10 members.

Scores from each panel and a writing exercise submitted to superintendent Huyett will determine which candidates progress to a final interview.

Huyett is holding four meetings to develop “the characteristics and qualities desired in a principal”.  The first, for BHS staff from Academic Choice, electives and the office, will be on April 19. The second, for BIHS, small schools and other staff, will be on April 26. Parent and community members can attend two-hour meetings on April 27 at either 2 p.m. or 6 p.m.

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