OK, we’re not sure how we missed this, given that we’re pretty serious about our food here on Berkeleyside, and that the ice cream whipped up by Lush Gelato counts as one of our favorites, but it turns out that the Piedmont Avenue-based Lush opened up in Berkeley on April 1 — and, scandalously, we weren’t told about it.

Lush Gelato, whose origins are, we believe, Latin American rather than Italian, has taken over the space formerly occupied by Ciao Bella, also a purveyor of ice cream, in the Epicurious Garden food court on Shattuck Avenue.

Reader SZ Underwood apprised us of this fact, writing: “There are already a few very positive reviews on Yelp for this new location (although, based on what I have read recently, I no longer trust any review I read on Yelp!)”

A Lush staffer tells us the Berkeley store features 24 flavors — from Semi-Dark Mexican Chocolate to Acai sorbet and Cowgirl Creamery Fromage Blanc — double the number served on Piedmont Avenue, and that a small selection of paninis and cappuccinos are also on the menu.

Like all the most savvy Bay Area food companies, Lush keeps its fans up-to-date with its news and latest flavors on a blog, Facebook and Twitter.

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