Alice Waters is one of Berkeley’s best-known residents, but I bet few of us have ever actually spoken to her.

Next Wednesday, we will have a chance.

Waters will participate in an on-line discussion about cooking for a website called Pass the Ball/WebEx, which describes itself as “an idea warehouse where people across the world are sharing ideas and collaborating together to turn good ideas into great ones.”

Berkeley residents can log on to the website at 10 am on April 21 and post questions to Waters, who, I presume, will be sitting at her own computer, answering them. Here’s what the facilitators of the discussion think will happen:

“Bestselling cookbook author, award-winning chef and champion of the sustainable food movement, Alice Waters will be live on WebEx to share her inside tips on creating simple, delicious and sustainable food for all. Come meet and interact with this culinary legend online as she shares techniques from her new book, In the Green Kitchen. Get practical first-hand advice on how to transform the way you cook at home.”

Okay, I have some questions for her.

Why, when I go to the Farmers’ Market do I buy so much food that most of it eventually rots in my refrigerator?

What can I do with kale? My husband hates kale. Does anyone like kale?

How about zucchini? I feel the same way about zucchini.

Are fava beans really worth the effort? All that peeling and popping for just a few beans. Won’t frozen beans work just as well?

What really can you do with spring onions?

Why don’t people like you? I like you.

If you can’t join the conversation, there is actually a great series, Green Kitchen, done by Waters and Davia Nelson of the Kitchen Sisters. It’s a series of videos featuring well-known chefs doing simple things in the kitchen. (And Episode 11 is on sautéed zucchini! I better go watch. Note there is no episode on kale.)

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