Earlier this month we took a look at well-known Berkeley tweeters. We identified those who do — among them Dave Winer and Markos Moulitsas — those who sort of do, such as Michael Pollan, and then we compiled a wish-list of noted Berkeley people who we hope will take to the Twitter-waves.

Of course, our readers then weighed in with many good suggestions of Berkeleyites to follow on Twitter, as well as adding a few names to the wish-list.

John King, urban design critic for the San Francisco Chronicle, got in touch to say that contrary to our report, he does, in fact tweet (sorry John!) at @johnkingsfchron. “Nothing on Berkeley yet, but there will be,” he wrote.

We mentioned that author Annie Leonard’s Twitter feed had a firewall, and she wrote in to say she tweets via her organizational account (@storyofstuff). “Please join! We tweet about all kinds of issues related to our stuff and opportunities for action,” she wrote, adding: “Tweet on.”

We omitted to mention Wired editor and Berkeley resident Chris Anderson (@chr1sa) who has 30,033 Twitter followers as of this writing. Following the success of his last book, “Free”, Anderson is at work on a new book,”The New Industrial Revolution”, the story of how entrepreneurs are using web principles to rejuvenate manufacturing and the economy.

Reader Tim urged us to follow UC Berkeley’s journalism school at @ucbsoj and Greater Good (Christine Carter) at @raisinghappines. And reader Berto suggested Buy Local Berkeley (@buylocalberk) and would like to see Cal sociology professor Dr Harry Edwards on Twitter.

Jasmine Sunshine was keen for everyone to check out the Seva Foundation (@seva_foundation), and several people mentioned Wavy Gravy.

Finally, we were reminded that our own Berkeley Twitter feed (in the right-hand column of our site) throws up some interesting Berkeley tweets — and that both Dave Winer and East Bay Express reporter EC Klein have compiled Berkeley Twitter lists which are worth checking out.

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