By SlumJack: Forty-one years ago, I joined many others in creating People’s Park. Then I joined in to demonstrate and even skirmish to get it back again. Then rebuild it.

Through the years and decades since then, I’ve continued to use and enjoy this park. It’s yours, too.

Come together this Sunday, April 25th, from noon until… well, whenever we might feel like, to honor and celebrate Berkeley’s People’s Park 41st Anniversary.

See the Berkeley People’s Park Facebook page for flyers and details. Or check in the park.

For a video history look here.

SlumJack first came to Berkeley in the ’60s and was involved in the creation of People’s Park. He worked on the Barb and the Tribe newspapers. Although he spent most of his adult life elsewhere, he returned to the Bay Area in the late ’90s. He’s currently homeless in Berkeley, in an RV as a mobile “nomad”. He blogs at Homeword Unbound and Homelessness.

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