I realize Parenthood has largely abandoned any attempts at credibility where its supposed Berkeley location is concerned. But how hard can it be for a production crew to get a copy of a real Bay Area newspaper on the set?

On this week’s episode, character Adam  is seen — very briefly — scanning the front page of his local paper with his morning coffee (before he greets his morose teenage daughter, Haddie, who has just broken up with her boyfriend).

Berkeleyside’s crack investigative team (ie, a tech-savvy teenager who was able to procure a screen grab) reveals that the paper’s name is the  “San Francisco Register” (above). Turns out that name was also used as a fictional  daily newspaper in NBC’s Journeyman TV series.

Is there some rule that prevents TV shows from showing real newspapers? Product placement might be an issue, but surely a 3-second clip of the Chronicle wouldn’t be an problem. Perhaps Phil Bronstein should organize to have a few editions Fed-Exed to Hollywood, just in case they might come in useful on future shoots.

Better still, Adam could next be seen perusing Berkeleyside on his laptop. Much more authentic.

Tracey Taylor is co-founder of Berkeleyside and co-founder and editorial director of Cityside, the nonprofit parent to Berkeleyside and The Oaklandside. Before launching Berkeleyside, Tracey wrote for...