A Berkeleyside reader emailed us moments ago reporting that four engines (companies 2, 4, 5 and 6), two police cars, one paramedic and one chief’s car were heading north on Arlington.

Apparently there’s a multiple house fire at the intersection of San Luis Road and Avis Road.

We’ve phoned the fire department for further details and will report as soon as we find out.

Update 12:40 pm: The fire has been classed as a three-alarm fire. There’s video available at KGO. It looks as though the fire department should be able to contain the blaze.

Update 16.18 pm: The fire was contained by about 14.30pm. The home at 535 San Luis Road, where Randi Casenza lives with her sister and dog, was completely charred and is deemed uninhabitable. Two adjacent homes suffered some damage. There were no injuries.

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