According to the Field Poll, a record-low turnout of voters is expected in today’s election — perhaps as little as one-third. Berkeley, which is more politically oriented than many places, should do better.

There’s only one Berkeley-specific item on the ballot today, Measure C, which would issue bonds to fund renovation of Berkeley’s pools and a new multipurpose pool at King. Some of the pros and cons of Measure C have been argued in a number of posts on Berkeleyside and in the comments in response.

Five state propositions are also on the ballot. Proposition 16, which would require at two-thirds majority for local governments to start up or expand electricity services has engendered a “yes” campaign that has been lavishly funded by PG&E.

Numerous primary contests are also being held today. You’ll find a summary of all the items on the ballot at Smart Voter. The same site can also tell you your polling place. Polls are open until 8 p.m. tonight.

Photo by Jess and Colin from Flickr

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