Lisa Bullwinkel.

Lisa Bullwinkel, who in involved in more arts events  in this city than you could possibly guess, was this week awarded a City of Berkeley Proclamation to recognize her contribution to the Berkeley community.

Bullwinkel is the force behind events such as last weekend’s Chocolate and Chalk Festival and the upcoming 4th of July @ the Berkeley Marina celebration. With her events management company, Another Bullwinkel Show, she created Berkeley City College’s Open House, the Berkeley Arts Festival, the Spice of Life Festival, the Celebration of Youth Arts for the Berkeley School District and the Berkeley Jazz Festival on Telegraph Avenue.

“I’ve been working in the community for over 20 years and I have my toe in a lot of puddles in the city,” Bullwinkel said.

Artist Susan Felix volunteers as Berkeley’s Art Ambassador and is behind the once-a-month recognition program which has been going for about five years. Each month somebody who has contributed “something really special in the arts” is honored. The award is often presented by Mayor Tom Bates at one of the city’s council meetings. Bullwinkel received her proclamation on Tuesday evening.

“Lisa has done a lot of extraordinary things in Berkeley,” said Felix. ‘It’s time to honor her.”

Bullwinkel also produced the Solano Avenue Stroll which, under her direction, grew from a 20,000- to a 300,000-person event and was put into the Library of Congress as a National Local Legacy by Congresswoman Barbara Lee in 2001.

“I especially love bringing art and color into the business community which really enhances their world,” Bullwinkel said. “Putting events on, creating art banners and mosaic projects in business districts brings life into them. And it gives the public a wonderful venue in which to make and display their art, gather and create community. That’s my joy — giving people the opportunity to make art, unexpectedly and unabashedly.”

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