Over 250 chalk artists, young and old, greenhorn and professional, showed up to decorate the sidewalks of Gourmet Ghetto in Berkeley last Saturday during the 14th annual Chocolate & Chalk Art Festival.

The first place winner was Athena Lorente of Milpitas who drew Chocolate: An Ancient Treat (pictured above) for which she received $250 prize money courtesy of Philz Coffee.

Describing her winning piece, Lorente said: “My piece shows a “Danzante” from Oaxaca, Mexico. His outfit and dance tells the story of the conquest, by Hernan Cortez, of the state of Oaxaca.  The conquest caused the different indigenous groups living in the area to eventually collapse; yet they learned to love each other.  The Woman is dressed in another indigenous costume, and is carrying a basket full of souvenirs to share with the other indigenous groups.”

Photos of the chalk drawings that were awarded prizes and Honorable Mentions may be viewed on the organizer’s website.

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