A Berkeleyside reader writes in to spread the word about a meeting at the Shattuck Hotel tonight at 7pm between lawyers representing Walgreens and residents local to the Walgreens on San Pablo and Ashby Gilman, Telegraph and Adeline. Walgreens wants to sell beer and wine at the stores, and is required to notify residents living within 1,000 feet of their intentions.

The Berkeleysider who lives near the Adeline store notes:

I know there are many neighbors in our area that are opposed to this. It is interesting to note that there are many outlets to buy wine and beer in our area although the majority of them close relatively early. Walgreens is open til 12am and no doubt will do the overwhelming majority of business after Berkeley Bowl closes (between 8pm and 12am). Our neighborhood has enough problems as it is and having late alcohol sales does not seem wise and just exposes us to more treacherous conditions.

What do other West Berkeley residents think?

Update Laura Menard writes in the comments clarifying the Walgreens stores at issue.

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