Berkeleysider Jeff writes in to wonder where he can watch “everyone’s favorite sport: cycling”. He seems a bit miffed that plenty of places in Berkeley have been showing the World Cup, but there’s no noise about the Tour de France, which started on Sunday.

I thought I could point Jeff to a place for Le Tour, but it turns out the Meridian International Sports Cafe is closed for renovations until September. So let’s get the wisdom of the crowd going here. Does anyone know of a place that will be showing coverage of the Tour?

[As an aside, when I watched the Uruguay vs Ghana World Cup quarterfinal at Saul’s on Friday, I asked co-owner Peter Levitt whether the World Cup had been good for him. His reply: “I’d rather be in South Africa watching it in person.” They certainly had a good crowd for that match, and I heard they were full for breakfast to see Brazil vs Netherlands.]

Photo by Hada55 on Flickr

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