Two Berkeleysiders have written in about their family’s sadness at the temporary closure of the Berkeley family camp at Tuolumne. The camp, a summer tradition for many Berkeleyans, is closed this weekend and will reopen on Monday evening.

One Berkeleyside reader writes:

We got a phone call from the camps office last night. We had reservations for four nights starting on Saturday, and two of the nights have now been canceled. We go with three other families every year.  We planned our week back in October, and registered in November, and we have family members coming in from out of town, mini vans already rented, and camping equipment hauled up from the basement! After a round of phone calls with the other families, we decided to skip Tuolumne this year and take the kids to Disneyland instead on Saturday. Nothing short of Disneyland would make up for the little ones’ disappointment of no Camp Tuolumne this year!

Never heard of camp closing, so it must be pretty severe.  My family has been going off and on for about 20 years, and the camp has stayed open during local forest fires (smoke everywhere in camp!) and periods of no potable water due to aging septic system crises (truckloads of bottled water were brought in)! There are always a few cases of “intestinal illness” among campers, but it sounds like it reached epic proportions this time!

Another writes:

My kids were in tears all night when we got a call from Berkeley Parks and Rec this evening: Berkeley Tuolumne Family camp is shutting down for a couple of days because of a stomach virus.

Photo of Berkeley Tuolumne Camp by Sonny Abesamis from Flickr

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