Little Stinker on July 27, 2010

Who knew watching flowers unfurl was so much fun?

UC Botanical Gardens has sent out word that another titan arum plant is blooming. Officials found a new bud on the plant affectionately called The Little Stinker on July 16. Last night, the bud started to open and it should be fully open today, July 29.
The Botantical Garden will stay open until 7 pm to accommodate extra viewing.

The plant, officially known as the Amorphophallus titanum or titan arum, is so fascinating because of its rare flowering structure and a reproduction method that attracts insects with the illusion of decay in appearance, temperature and odor. It is also nicknamed the Corpse Flower.

Little Stinker on July 28

According to UC Botanical Garden, fewer that five titans bloom each year in the US. Two have bloomed this year at UC, however.

As an added bonus, the parking meters by the Botanical Garden are broken, so parking is free.

For more information, visit the garden’s Facebook page or website.

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