Cal students started moving into their dorms this weekend and will have the chance to attend welcome workshops on everything from where to worship to commuting tips to where to meet other gay students in the next few days.

About 4,000 freshman began lugging their stuff into dorms over the weekend, Marty Takimoto, the director of marketing communications for Cal’s residential and student services programs told Bay City News Service. Berkeley admitted more out of state students this year than ever before, he said.

“As a compensation for the growing budget woes for the university, we’ve admitted more out-of-state and international students,” Takimoto told Bay City News Service. “So we’re going to have a more diverse student population in terms of geographic areas.”

Tuition for out of state students is $17,620 a year compared to $6,230 for in-state students. Classes begin on Wednesday.

Here are some of the tips a Cal housing website provides new students about moving in:

What’s in My Room?
Rooms are furnished with extra-long twin single beds and/or bunk beds, mattress pads, desks, chairs, and drawer space for each student. They also include closets, mirrors, wastebaskets, bookshelves, general lighting, and curtains. Unless you are in a single room, you will be sharing with at least one other person. Do not bring extra furniture and bulky things — at least until you’ve settled in and had a chance to determine what you really need.

Can I Ship Some of My Possessions to My Room Before Move-in Day?

Can I Bring My Own Refrigerator and/or Microwave?
Students are discouraged from bringing their own refrigerator and/or microwave and encouraged to rent a microwave/refrigerator/freezer combination from Micro101 Solutions.

Can I, as the Parent (or relative or friend who assisted with move-in), spend the Night in My Student’s Residence Hall?
No, you will need to stay at a hotel.

Move-in tip: If you bring your own hand truck, your move will be easier.

The video above was made a few years ago. KTVU Channel 2 has a video about this weekend’s move-in.

UPDATE: 4:15 pm UC Berkeley News has posted profiles of a few freshmen. One is 15 (he is among the 24 kids under 17 at Cal), another is a New Yorker (one of the 620 out-of-state students) and one is from China.

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