By Kim Weisberg

School is officially in session at UC Berkeley, which means the 2010 Cal football season is upon us.

It officially begins on Saturday with the 1:00pm game against UC Davis at Memorial Stadium. Next year, games will be taking place at AT&T Park due to construction, so I’m guessing this season opener will be particularly enthusiastic.

Trying to spell out the last name of Kevin Riley, Cal’s starting quarterback, at the Women’s Huddle. Photo: L.A. Ackley.
Trying to spell out the last name of Kevin Riley, Cal’s starting quarterback, at the Women’s Huddle. Photo: L.A. Ackley.

What’s that you say? You’re not into football? You just don’t get it and think it’s all just a waste of time?

Oh, my friend, I was once like you. Having grown up with a background in music and theatre (and not sports), the world of sports was foreign to me for much of my life.

Over the last few years, however (due in large part to my boyfriend having been the drum major of the Cal Marching Band), I have grown to love game day.

While it’s true that I have learned a few of the ins and outs of the game itself, I am much more enamored of the festivity, the action, the whole environment that is Game Day at Cal.  Yes, the city gets more crowded, but the city comes alive with the buzz of excitement as over 70,000 fans gather to cheer on their favorite team.

Even if you are not a sports fan, the games can be a lot of fun.  There is always great people watching, and the band is The Pride of California, after all.

Defensive Back Darian Hagan teaches me about running backwards. Photo: L.A. Ackley.

If the weather is nice, it’s great to enjoy a nice Bay Area day, and the view from the stadium is lovely. Local restaurants and bars often have game-day specials, and hang banners in their windows to show their support. There is always food and drink aplenty (we usually tailgate at Faculty Glade), and local favorite Cupkates usually makes blue and gold cupcakes in celebration.

And, although the event itself took place a month ago, I can’t end this post without mentioning my favorite event of the year: the Cal Women’s Huddle. Ladies, this is the greatest day in Cal Football. Trust me. The $35 entry fee gets you all you can eat (and drink), a cool t-shirt, and several hours on the field learning about football from the Cal football team.

It is serious fun, and really gets me psyched up for the season.  Plus, every year I learn a little something about football that makes watching the games all that much more exciting.

So… in conclusion… Go Bears!

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