Ted Barton plays a larger than life genie in Berkeley Playhouse's "Aladdin" now going on tour.

When the cast of  Berkeley Playhouse’s “Aladdin” took their final bows yesterday at the Julia Morgan Center for the Arts, it was meant to be the production’s final curtain call.

But, after an unexpected invitation from Gene Abravya at the Spreckels Performing Arts center in Rohnert Park some weeks ago, it turns out the lively musical is going on tour — a first for Berkeley Playhouse.

“It’s very, very exciting and very humbling to know that our work, and the work of our directors, designers and performers is so highly regarded,” says Berkeley Playhouse’s executive director Jerry Foust.

The “Aladdin” set will be moved to Sonoma and the majority of its cast will perform four shows on the weekend of September 11-12 at the 500-seat capacity wine country venue, Foust reports.

The five-weekend run of “Aladdin” in Berkeley was well reviewed. Pat Craig in the Mercury News wrote that it was “charming family entertainment”, adding “if [the theater company] can maintain the quality seen here, it has an excellent chance of becoming a major contender in the area’s family entertainment market.” In Stark Silver Creek, Clinton Stark said the show “demonstrates artistic director Elizabeth McKoy’s attention to detail and passion for staging the best possible show for theater-goers of all ages”.

The show also marked the theater company’s first season in its new permanent home at the Julia Morgan Theater.

For information about the Rohnert Park performances visit the Spreckels website.

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