Election groundwork: Who’s running in November?

Old City Hall: four council seats are being contested. Photo: Wikimedia Commoms.

Four Berkeley council seats and a variety of other Berkeley posts are being contested at the general election on Tuesday, November 2. Berkeleyside will have full coverage of all the races but, first, here is your quick summary guide to who is running for what.

We’ve provided links to the candidates’ profile pages at the City Clerk’s site, as well as to their own websites when we could find it (if we’ve missed some sites, let us know).

The November election in Berkeley is also distinguished by the introduction of ranked-choice voting (RCV), also known as instant runoff voting, which will be used for city council elections. Voters will be able to rank a first, second and third choice candidate for a single office. In RCV, if no candidate receives over 50% of the first-choice votes for the office, the candidate who received the fewest first-choice votes is eliminated. That candidate’s votes will be redistributed to the candidates who received her/his second-choice votes. RCV means that no runoff elections are required.

City Council

Districts 1, 4, 7 and 8 are up for election this year. The incumbents, Linda Maio, Jesse Arreguín, Kriss Worthington and Gordon Wozniak are all standing, but they face a number of opponents.

District 1

District 4

District 7

District 8

City Auditor

Ann-Marie Hogan is running unopposed.

School Board Director

Six candidates are running for three open seats. Karen Hemphill is the one incumbent on the ballot.

Rent Board Commissioner

There are nine candidates for six seats. Dave Blake, Katherine Harr, George Perezvelez, Lisa Stephens, Jesse Townley and Pam Webster are incumbents.