This week we bring you Big Screen Berkeley with a difference — a chance to test your knowledge of movies, movie stars and movie locations with a Berkeley connection. Berkeleyside film writer John Seal has crafted a list of 20 tricky questions for all film or quiz buffs out there. The person with the most correct answers — emailed to Berkeleyside by Sunday, October 3, 5 p.m.will receive a $25 gift certificate to Summer Kitchen Bake Shop, good for lunch, dinner, pizza or baked goods. Answers next week. Good luck!

  1. Which Berkeley resident has worked extensively with German director Werner Herzog?
  2. In which classic silent comedy does Hearst Memorial Stadium (below) feature prominently ?

Memorial Stadium
  • Which Berkeley-born thespian has been nominated for three Golden Raspberry (“Razzie”) Awards for Worst Actor?
  • Name the film starring a San Francisco comedian shot outside UC Berkeley’s Le Conte Hall in the spring of 1998.
  • Which Berkeley-born special effects expert has a species of dinosaur named after him?
  • Name the San Francisco-born star of 1972’s Blacula (below) who passed away in Berkeley earlier this year.

  • Blacula
  • Name the cinema that operated on Gilman Street from 1972 through 1989.
  • Which 2005 drama was partly filmed at Malcolm X School?
  • Name the UC Berkeley professor and expert in Scandinavian history who also wrote a book about slasher films.
  • Name the Berkeley-born pornographic film star, socialist, and feminist whose maternal grandfather defended The Scottsboro Boys in 1931.
  • Cal’s freshman rowing team is the subject of which 1935 short subject?

  • The Blue Lagoon
  • Which Berkeley-born actress turned down the role that went to Brooke Shield’s in 1980’s The Blue Lagoon (above)?
  • Which Karel Reisz-directed drama features scenes shot in the original Cody’s Books?
  • Lawrence Hall of Science provided exterior location footage for which science fiction film?
  • To which abandoned university building will Pacific Film Archive eventually relocate?
  • Which famous comedy, supposedly set at UC Berkeley, was actually partly filmed at USC?
  • Which film producer of award-winning frock flicks was born in Berkeley in 1928?

  • Berkeley High School
  • Which film actor, born in Southern California, briefly attended Berkeley High School (above), where he made his stage debut?
  • The Dream Theater briefly operated in downtown Berkeley during the first decade of the 20th century. Name the current occupant of the same address (note: the original building has long since been demolished).
  • Which Berkeley-set drama featured Ray Milland as an alcoholic professor?
  • Berkeleyside’s film writer John Seal writes a weekly movie recommendation column at Box Office Prophets, as well as a column in The Phantom of the Movies’ Videoscope, an old-fashioned paper magazine, published quarterly.

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