Officials at Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory and the Lawrence Hall of Science in the Berkeley hills are warning visitors to beware of mountain lions after a mother and her two cubs, along with deer and goat carcasses, were sighted recently, according to a report in the Contra Costa Times.

A spokesman for Berkeley Lab said the cubs were seen with what appeared to be their mother. A mother deer and fawn, as well as a goat used to clean brush, were also found killed in the area.

The news comes one month after a male mountain lion was found wandering in the residential Gourmet Ghetto neighborhood of Berkeley in the early hours of August 31. That lion was shot and killed by the Berkeley Police Department, an act that caused something of an outcry among wildlife lovers who set up a memorial for the animal on Shattuck and Cedar. Among those who believed the police took the correct action were the parents of a group of young children who were camping in a nearby backyard on the night the lion was spotted.

Read the full story of the latest mountain lion sighting in the Contra Costa Times.

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