This Sunday is 10/10/10, which has been declared a day of action on climate by the organization The number 350 stands for 350 parts per million CO2, the number a wide consensus of climate scientists say the Earth must keep carbon concentration under to avoid the worst consequences of climate change. was founded by author Bill McKibben. In 2007 it organized over 2,000 rallies across the United States. By last year, their efforts had grown to 5,200 rallies and demonstrations in 181 countries. The day of action on Sunday is expected to be far bigger still.

Unsurprisingly, the 10/10/10 map for Berkeley (above) is peppered with activity. Among the Berkeley activities are:

  • Lorin Station Garden Project: the city is helping to transform a public space at the corner of Alcatraz and Adeline by planting native plants. The work party begins at 9 a.m.
  • Fix a Flat and Bike On: the East Bay Bicycle Coalition is launching its “1,000 New Cyclists” campaign. Cyclists are encouraged to meet up at the downtown Bike Station (2208 Shattuck) and ride together to various work parties; they are also sponsoring a “Fix a Flat” clinic.
  • School Garden Party: weed, plant and mulch at the Malcolm X Elementary School Garden and do all the fun things that the kids can’t do. The garden is located on Ellis, just south of Ashby.
  • Creek Clean-Up: Friends of Five Creeks is sponsoring a clean-up at Codornices Creek, Berkeley’s only steelhead creek. You can help to remove invasive plants while listening to a talk about sea level rise and its impact on fish. The work party begins at 10 a.m. and is located at the corner of 10th Street and Harrison.

Have a look on the site for other events. I counted 24 different Berkeley activities and there may well be more that haven’t registered on the site. There’s a separate Berkeley-only site with further information about the day, but it has fewer Berkeley work parties than the main site.

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