The lone tree sitter on his tree platform/Photo: Lance Knobel

Zachary Running Wolf, who participated in the long-running tree sit near Cal’s Memorial Stadium and who ran for mayor of Berkeley in 2008, has started is promoting a tree sit in the northeast corner of People’s Park. A tree sitter Running Wolf ascended the tree late last night and built a platform about 40 feet up, to protest what he sees as the ongoing destruction of People’s Park by the university.

“It was a pretty chilly,” Running Wolf the tree sitter said this morning. “It takes some time to get used to living in a tree.”

In a video made by Indybay before Running Wolf climbed the tree last night, Running Wolf cited “the basic persecution of homeless people and the people in the park” as a reason to protest. Running Wolf is also critical of plans by George Beier, running for Councilmember in District 7, which includes People’s Park, to erect a museum and soccer goals in the park. Beier made the suggestions in responding to Berkeleyside reader questions.

There’s only one tree sitter Running Wolf said that he’s the lone tree sitter for the moment in People’s Park, which Running Wolf calls Muwekma Park, from the Ohlone word for “people”. “Not many people know about it yet,” the tree sitter said.

According to Lieutenant Alex Yao of the UC Berkeley Police, officers were aware of the protest and have been making frequent checks of People’s Park. “At this point there’s no obstruction, but we’ll continue to make regular checks,” Yao said. “We want to make sure any conduct does not interfere with the safety or rights of the public.”

Update A commenter (below) points out that I misidentified the tree sitter. The corrections have been made.

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