There are plenty of places for you to watch, listen or surf national or even state election results tonight. But we’re determined that Berkeleyside provides the most timely, comprehensive coverage of our local elections.

I’ll be live blogging and tweeting from the Clerk of Elections offices tonight, so that Berkeleysiders can get the vote tallies as soon as they are announced. We’ll open up at 8 p.m. when polls close. Please visit for results and to comment on what happens.

As we’ve reported, if any of the races for city council fail to provide an absolute majority for a candidate, we’ll have to wait until Friday at the earliest to determine a winner. But tonight we’ll have the first-choice vote tallies in all races, assuming there are no technical hitches with the election.

And if you haven’t voted yet and need a quick refresher on the Berkeley contests before you head out, you can find responses to questions from city council candidatesschool board candidates, and our assessments of Measures H and IMeasure R, and Measures S and T.

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