Ron Weasley and Quidditch team in Harry Potter movie — costumes optional for UC Berkeley team

If you’re looking for some alternative spectator sport fun this weekend — after coming down from the high of the Giants’ World Series triumph — you might consider supporting UC Berkeley’s Quidditch team as they take on Stanford at Memorial Glade on November 14.

As we reported in February, Cal held try-outs to form a Quidditch team after realizing that Harry Potter’s favorite sport was taking off on college campuses across the country — and, as team co-founder Charlie Strauss put it at the time, “I knew people here were dorky enough to join.”

The game runs from 1.00-5.00pm, and, as can be seen in this Daily Cal video about the team as it formed earlier this year, beating Stanford is — not surprisingly given the historic rivalry between the two colleges — top of mind.

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