How many of us, as we walk around our city, really keep our eyes open? From the responses to our Wednesday morning Where in Berkeley? quiz, it’s clear there are a few eagle-eyed Berkeleyans out there. Wouldn’t it be nice, however, to ally an observer’s eye with a better sense of photography?

Well, here’s your chance. Ira Serkes, a regular Where in Berkeley? winner and a keen photographer, has organized a Berkeleyside-inspired photowalk. Photowalks are becoming the in-thing — San Francisco photographer Thomas Hawk organizes them from time to time to encourage people to see more of what’s around them. It’s clearly high time Berkeley did the same.

Serkes promises “arts, poetry, giant fish, lizards, music, organic product, neon, restaurants, cafes, Deco, planets and more”.

Serkes will be joined by Keoki Seu, whose work often features on Berkeleyside and whom we profiled here. The photowalk will kick off at 11 a.m. in front of Amanda’s restaurant at 2122 Shattuck Avenue. It’s free for all, will be child-friendly, and very informal.

You can sign up here, or show up on Saturday morning. The map above shows the suggested route around the downtown area, and, if participants are interested, the plan is to continue the photowalk on to the Cal campus.

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