Berkeleyside’s editorial partner The Bay Citizen decided to check out the fashion vibe on the streets of Berkeley in its Frequencies segment. Not surprisingly perhaps, reporter Dan Ming homed in on the city’s stylish students.

Mary Grace Rosas, 19, Cal sophomore majoring in Anthropology and Philosophy, from Laredo, Texas [above]

My Style: Warm. I usually wear a lot of layers cause I’m still not used to this weather. I also really like bright colors.

InspirationBjork. She’s just phenomenal.

Staple Item with a Story: My green Doc Martens. They’re great for all-year wear.

Thoughts on Berkeley Style: A lot of hipsters. It’s really unique and I like it. Unlike my hometown, people don’t stop driving their cars and try to follow me just to stare at me.

Brett Walker, 28, Cal graduate student in Art, from Portland Oregon [above]

Inspiration: I don’t really have an icon. I think Katy Perry has some nice outfits.

Staple Item with a Story: I always have my beard, I can’t really get away from that. It has a résumé, it won second place at the North American Beard and Moustache Championship a few years ago.

Thoughts on Berkeley Style: There are a lot of freshman and sophomore I-just-got-out-of-bed-so-I’m-gonna-wear-my-pajamas-to-class types. I think that’s pretty classy.

Christina Nesheiwat, 23, Cal alum from Westminster, Orange County [above]

My style: I’ve been told that I’m boho-hippie.

InspirationZooey Deschanel

Staple item With a Story: My leggings and this scarf, which was rejected by a vegan friend because it’s made of wool.

Thoughts on Berkeley style: I like that people here can feel comfortable dressing however they want. It’s more free than Southern California.

Vince Ramey, 27, Cal grad student in Biophysics, from Albany, California [above]

My style: Simple. I like comfortable stuff and bright colors.

Staple item with a story: Right now, everything’s a staple. I got a discount on this jacket from the girl who sold it to me cause we went on a date. But she turned out to be totally crazy and believes in crystals and manifestation and shit.

Thoughts on Berkeley style: I live in San Francisco, where people are thinking about style a lot more. In the Mission everybody dresses the damn same.

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