Best books of 2010: A Berkeley perspective Sylvia Brownrigg, Linda Schacht Gage, Tomas Moniz, Tom Leonard, Elizabeth Stark, Donna Corbeil, Lance Knobel and Frances Dinkelspiel select their favorite books of the year.
Berkeley block by block: how diverse is the city? The treasure trove of data in the Census Bureau’s American Community Survey reveals much about the make-up — economic, educational, racial — of Berkeley’s neighborhoods.
Berkeley City Council tables WikiLeaks resolution All eyes were on Berkeley on December 15 when its leaders opted to postpone a decision on whether to declare the alleged WikiLeaks leaker a hero.
What next for Multi Culti Grill and Birdland Jazz Club? Our story on Michael Parayno’s underground BBQ-jazz joint, and its threatened closure, prompted many dozens of readers to get in touch to express their support for these wildly popular neighborhood gatherings.
Berkeley bashing: A favorite national sport “Anti-American”, “disloyal”, “a joke”, “nuts” — Berkeley is accustomed to being called all these things and more, but this week saw more vitriol than usual.

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