UC Berkeley police on the scene of a crashed private bus on Piedmont Avenue last night.

At about 9.15 p.m. on Thursday night, an empty Bauer’s bus which had been left by its driver parked on Piedmont Avenue across the street from UC Berkeley, rolled across the street’s two lanes and down an embankment coming to a stop in front of a Haas School of Business building. The bus did not collide with either cars or pedestrians and nobody was injured.

According to UC Berkeley police, the driver had left the bus to talk with the driver of another coach, several of which were delivering students to a social event on campus. The police did not know at this point whether it was human error or a brake failure which was at fault. The coach brought down some tree branches on its way down the embankment where it was expected to remain until it could be towed out by a heavy-duty truck.

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