Garden teacher Kim Allen offers space to grow At the “other Edible schoolyard”, socio-economically challenged adolescents find a refuge with an internship program that allows them to garden and grow food (above).
Is it hard to do business in Berkeley? It can take many months for a new business in Berkeley to get the required permits to set up shop. This and other hurdles have given the city a reputation of being a difficult city in which to do business.
Berkeley may pay for sex change surgeries Readers reacted strongly to the news that city staffers who want to get sex-change surgery may soon get funds for the operation from their employer.
Look, it’s the “You’re Perfect” guy Benjamin Smythe holds up a simple sign on the streets of the city and brings a smile to many people’s faces. Meet him by watching Kim Aronson’s video.
Berkeley in landmark “keep it local” deal with unions City Council voted to enter into an agreement with a number of trade unions that would give Berkeley and Green Corridor workers top priority for most contracted city projects.

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