By Queena Kim, The Bay Citizen

Welcome to the first ever “Local Business Forum” at Freight & Salvage. On stage tonight were Berkeleyside’s Lance Knobel in conversation with Wired’s Chris Anderson and Autodesk’s Carl Bass, who both live in Berkeley.

The Berkeleyside Local Business Forum begins/All photos by citizen journalists from Bay Citizen

The doors opened at 6:30 P.M. and one of the early arrivals was Amoeba Music Owner Marc Weinstein with Telegraph store manager Lori Katz. Weinstein says he’s been doing business in the city for 20 years and has sat in “20 years of meetings and seen no real progress. We’ve been victims of benign neglect in this city. We like Berkeleyside and we hope it’s a forum where something can happen.”

Amoeba Music Owner March Weinstein and Telegraph store manager Lori Katz say, “We like Berkelyside and we hope it’s a forum where something can happen.”

We also spotted Berkeley Mayor Tom Bates, Police Chief Michael Meehan, Berkeleyside photo contributor Bill Newton and reader Barbara Hendrickson, who was out tonight because she’s “a supporter of Berkeleyside. I think it’s fascinating and puts me in touch with interesting local news.”

Here’s pics of the reception that were taken by the Bay Citizen’sCitizen Journalists” Mike Melero and Dan Ming.

Berkeley Mayor Tom Bates is here to talk about how the city can move its economy forward.
Berkeley Police Chief Michael Meehan was spotted talking to Amoeba Records Owner Marc Weinstein and the Telegraph store manager Lori Katz.
Bill Newton is a Berkeley resident and Berkeleyside photo contributor. He’s interested in seeing a vibrant downtown and doesn’t want to go to Emeryville or Albany to shop and wants to shop local.
John Caner is the Executive Director of Downtown Berkeley Association. He helped promote the event and wants to build new businesses in the downtown district.
Venu Alla is systems engineer for UC Berkeley. He’s here because he has a few business ideas and wants to get a feel for the local business community.
Barbara Hendrickson is Realtor and a supporter of Berkeleyside, which is why she’s at the forum.
Wired editor-in-chief Chris Anderson, a guest speaker, in the lobby of Freight & Salvage.
Lisa Bullwinkle runs the Solano Art Walk and has been active in the art community for 20 years. She’s interested in how art functions as a business.
Berkeley City Councilmember Laurie Capitelli (right) came with a friend. Capitelli says the city has neglected businesses for nearly 30 years.

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