In case you didn’t have time to read every story on Berkeleyside this week, we’ve picked those that proved most popular for your leisurely weekend perusal.

Local Business Forum: a call to action — More than 250 people attended Berkeleyside’s business forum at the Freight & Salvage to talk about a vision for the city’s future and a frank discussion of the impediments to doing business now.
The future of West Berkeley (above) — After three years of planning, the City Council held a hearing on dramatic changes to the zoning of West Berkeley, an area that houses the city’s light industrial and manufacturing businesses. Advocates for changes say that more zoning flexibility is needed to bring in 21st century companies; detractors are concerned that will lead to higher rents that will squeeze out artisans.
Mitch Kapor case is not over — Those opposed to his proposed home on Rose Street vow to return to court.
The rats of Telegraph Avenue — A vacant lot on Telegraph and Haste is swarming with rats.
Dayna Macy faces her food obsession — This Yoga Journal editor traces her successful quest to shed her extra weight by eating right.

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