Supt. Bill Huyett shakes Sonya Sotomayor’s hand/Photo courtesy of Mark Coplan/BUSD

It was easy to follow Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor’s travels around Berkeley on Wednesday and Thursday by following Twitter. She visited some classrooms at Rosa Parks Elementary School on Wednesday, presided over a moot court competition at Zellerbach Hall on Wednesday night, visited the law school on Thursday, walked through Berkeley’s downtown and had lunch at Chez Panisse.

Here is a recap of Sotomayor’s movements as seen through the Twitter accounts of various Berkeleyans.

Wednesday 2/2

@latinageek She’s so cute! Shut up, she so is. 😀 ~Justice Sotomayor visits Rosa Parks Elementary

@woonster Justice Sotomayor visited the boys’ school today – very inspiring:

@weezus Sorry I put my kids on the school bus this am and missed Sonya Sotomayor at Rosa Parks School in #Berkeley.

@berkeleyside Justice Sotomayor visits Rosa Parks Elementary

@paulraber So cool! Justice Sotomayor drops in on a Berkeley elementary school.

@californiamag Supreme Count Justice Sonia Sotomayor is on campus. Guess that explains the Homeland Security vehicles.

@blondedove85 Meeting Justice Sotomayor-coolest thing at law school so far. Got to ask her a question! She was SUPER nice. And wise.

@mattkrupnick MT @BerkeleyLawNews: Moot court competition with Sotomayor sold out: 2,000 tickets, more than 2x previous competitions.

@KALWinformant: Zellerbach hall filling in anticipation of Sotomayor, who will be presiding over law school competition

@Moshyin Uuuuugh, they wont let me in to the sonia sotomayor thing! ><

@closnai Waiting to see Justice Sotomayor. Only a few feet away!! Soo effing excited.

@EzekielSF: Wow. This UCBerkeley Moot Court competition is intense! And Justice Sotomayor is definitely grilling the participants. #UCBerkeley

@BerkeleyLawNews 2L student Thomas Frampton wins honors moot court competition. Justice Sotomayor calls him & competitor 2L Edward Piper “magnificent.” about

@joliclown: Sotomayor presides over UC Berkeley law competition as #McClymonds HS students watch, inspired

@closnai: Call me a judicial groupie, but I just touched and took a pic with Justice Sotomayor!!

RT @cal: Sotomayor presides over UC Berkeley law competition #cal

@dailycal: Law Students Face Off Before Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor

@brilabri : Got to see Justice Sotomayor tonight at the McBaine Moot Court Competition! I love Berkeley Law!

Thursday 2/3

@ mazarines: US SCt Justice Sotomayor just approached library staff to recognize difficulty of library work in times of transition & express thanks. Nice 

@biggleton Justice Sotamayor just went shopping at my parents’ store, Games of Berkeley, & nobody thought to ask her if she’d like any comic books.

@Nosowsky Celebrity sighting Berkeley style: Sonia Sotamayor walking into Chez Panisse. ab

@ienso wrote at 2:09 pm: Crowds (and police) hovering outside of Chez Panisse in Berkeley. Waiting for Justice Sonia Sotamayor to finish her lunch.

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